We’re delighted to be opening Dudley Mall, an online portal for the best of local wellness. We’re Trish and Sam, 2 Mum’s from Castlegate, and we’re starting this site to offer the best in natural wellness to local people.

Over the months to come we’re going to be holding product parties, offering Instagram giveaways, and generally filling the air with positive vibes and healing tonics. Thanks to our sponsors Phytality.co.uk.

Top view of mixed colorful chlorella, berries, nuts and seeds scattered on white wooden surface; dieting and detoxication concept

We’re going to be selling 2 key products.

Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton Capsules– Imagine the world’s most nutritious substance, harvested from a single celled algae in a completely sustainable inland greenhouse. Sound futuristic? Well the future is now baby this stuff is magic, and we have it in our hands. A single spoonful each money will take care of most of your day’s nutritional needs and we’re confident you’re going to love the zingy, grounded energy you feel too.

Health Factory Nano Silver – Imagine tiny, nano-sized silver which kills bacteria and viruses without impacting the bodie’s natural microbome or immunity. This wonderful stuff has been selling like hot cakes this year, and we’re proud to be Dudley’s official stockists!

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