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Dudley Mall's station-by-station guide provides a sketch and brief description of most stations between Chester, Nottingham, Northampton, Oxford, Newport (South Wales), down towards Bristol - and now it's even creeping into London. Omissions are being addressed as opportunity permits, and the guide will expand further. Underneath the general plan below (which omits some stations for clarity) you'll find the full list of  lines covered and a link to our A-Z station finder. See our information page for timetables and other links.

Dudley Mall's Midlands rail map

Most routes start from Birmingham. However, as the directory has expanded from a local guide to a widening regional one, the logic of this is breaking down, and routes are likely to be reorganised in a north-south presentation. Every sketch shows the direction between the end-most stations on the particular line and describes parking and easy access provision. Note that the platform that handles the most waiting passengers (especially morning commuters) usually has a larger share of resources such as seating, shelter and bicycle storage, and is commonly where the ticket office is sited. So except where the site didn't suit this, the Birmingham platform on most West Midlands stations is the one that is better catered for.

Routes Table:      
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Birmingham New Street Station
B'ham - Cheltenham & Bristol
B'ham - Coventry & London Euston
B'ham - Derby & Nottingham
B'ham - Kidderminster & Worcester
B'ham - Leamington Spa
B'ham - Leicester
B'ham - Lichfield
B'ham - Redditch & Worcester
B'ham - Rugeley
B'ham - Stratford-upon-Avon
B'ham - Wolverhampton & Stoke
Cheltenham Spa - Cardiff
Chester - Hereford & Cardiff
Chester - Llandudno
Crewe - Shrewsbury
Derby & Notting'm - Bedford & London
Leamington Spa - Oxford
Leamington Spa - London
Manchester - Crewe via M. Airport
Manchester - Crewe via Stockport
Shrewsbury - Llandrindod
Stafford - Rugby via Trent Valley
Stoke-on-Trent - Derby      
Walsall - Shrewsbury
Worcester - Hereford
Worcester - Oxford
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